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You don't have to suffer your concerns on your own. We aim to provide you with the most up to date information based on the most up to date research available today.

However, if you are just beginning your journey or even if you have already started, getting healthy can be Hard Work, but I promise you that it is worth it. A longer, richer more enjoyable life will be your reward if you apply some of the strategies which we recommend.




My Story

My story began 20 years ago in 1998 when I started experiencing the traditional frequent need to visit the toilet during the day and having to get up once or twice in the night.

I researched what I realised was a prostate problem on the internet as my father had experienced similar conditions at a similar age.

I read one of the latest books at the time which recommended natural treatment and gave an effective alternative to what was then the usual medical approach of surgery, radiation and toxic drugs, all of which I wanted to avoid, as I knew that medical treatments often left men wearing incontinence pads, and unable to ever have sex again.

I knew for certain that I didn't want to resort to life-threatening surgery, radiation or dangerous drugs.

I used one of the main publications available at the time and used a variety of natural supplements such as beta-sitosterol, zinc, turmeric, calcium and magnesium.

The book recommended increasing exercise levels, which I did, but did not suggest a reduction of carbohydrate intake, consequently, I was eating more carbohydrates as my hunger increased and my weight increased over time by 35 pounds (16kg).

After ten years of putting up with increasing nocturnal visits to the bathroom (now up to 5/6), and consequent increase in general fatigue I was persuaded to visit my doctor.

I had a PSA test which was deemed high enough to have a PSA test, which came in at 13. I was recommended to have a biopsy to eliminate any presence of cancer. This was not a pleasant experience but thankfully came back as negative.

I was placed on watchful waiting with regular 6 monthly trips to the urology clinic. After two years my doctor recommended a further biopsy as my nocturnal visits were still too high. Again this proved negative, however, I was persuaded to start taking Finasteride to bring my PSA down and to hopefully reduce my nocturnal visits.

This medication did reduce my PSA and my night time visits down to once or twice, but unfortunately, it also reduced my libido and as I was working 10 hours per day with over 1-hour travel on top, my general levels of fatigue increased, and I had little energy.

About a year ago I decided to do more research on my situation.

I soon came across a recognised leading expert in Prostate Health  and bought his book - All About The Prostate. which is available on his website at

Via information in this book, you can join hundreds of thousands of men from all over the world who have decided that the nightmare of public incontinence, night-time visits to the toilet, male incontinence pads, invasive prostate biopsies, irreparable sexual dysfunction, are not going to be in their future.









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David Hecking is the owner of this blog, he has come on a long journey with his persona Prostate Concerns. But these are now largely resolved and he wants to share the benefit of his experiences and knowledge with other men around the globe.


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Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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